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EV Cars and Type A Personalities

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I went on my 5th or 6th road trip this past weekend and it wasn't a very long one but it the two main points of travel were between Toronto and Detroit. I have family in the Detroit and surrounding area and I have made this trip probably more than 300 times over the course of my life. Anyone who has made this trip, understands it is not the most scenic trip in the world. I typically spend time in Warren, MI, which is Northeast of Detroit.

Our typical route is 401 West to 402 to the Blue Water Bridge. Followed by I-94 to I-696 and then to my exit in Warren.

I have made the round trip in under 3 hours (in past) including a stop at the border. Basically, I was racing to get to my destination as fast as I could. I have a SERIOUS type A personality and often don't take time to smell the roses. When I get in my car it is about getting to my destination as fast as possible. I am literally racing against myself.

However, since I got my Tesla in June, I have made this trip 3 or 4 times and our entire family has changed the way we travel. I suppose, If I wanted to, I could still so 125 km/h and make a stop in Woodstock/Port Huron or Roseville but now we really take our time.

We always like to stop at Woodstock for the proverbial bathroom break and Tim Horton's coffee. We now usually stop at Roseville and do a bit of shopping in Meijer. We have transformed the way we travel and now the trip take us just under 5 hours. We could do it quicker but we CHOOSE not to and I must say, it is much more enjoyable.

However, I was thinking...maybe EV travel isn't for everyone. Maybe it doesn't fully jive with the type A personality. Put simply, I don't think there is any way I could ever make it to Warren in under 3 hours again (with the Tesla). I am okay with that, but there might be some who are not.

Have you had to change your driving style and if so, any issues?
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I don't know that I'd characterize myself as a Type A personality; however, as I get older I've replaced my "get there as fast as I can" attitude with "enjoy the trip" more. Stopping only when I needed gas and then as quickly as possible has, over the years, turned into stopping every couple of hours to change drivers and stretch our legs. That's evolved into discovering, or seeking, the occasional interesting sight along the way. And, now that we've switched over to EVs in the past five years, we've swung even more into the mindset of relaxing and enjoying the ride.

Part of the evolution in attitude is, I think, age related. I'm simply more inclined to try and enjoy a long road trip than simply stress about my arrival time and part of it is the relaxing nature of EV travel.

I'm sure some won't be able to make the transition comfortably. I have a colleague who is older than me but he still plans his road trips so that gas stops and restroom stops coincide perfectly so as to not waste a single second stopping more than he absolutely must and, if possible, he drives a vehicle that makes even a single gas stop unnecessary. Someone of his ilk is unlikely to enjoy EVs for anything other than short commutes around town.
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