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EV Charging for Work

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I have heard of places where Tesla only provided the chargers, and the host had to install them. I have heard of other places where Tesla covered everything. It probably partly depends on how helpful they think a charger at your location would be; your workplace would have to contact Tesla to find out.

There is a 3rd-party adapter available that allows other EVs to charge at a Tesla Destination Charger. But at some locations Tesla donates a J1772 charger in addition to their own charger. Again, it probably depends on the importance of the location.
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I want to pitch to my work about getting a destination charger. What costs does Tesla cover for this? Just the price if the charger, or do they cover the installation as well? Can other EVs use these chargers via adapter?

A noble gesture indeed.
The previous folks have proposed that you use a J1772 Level2 which will be AC instead of the Tesla specific if you will be catering to other EVs , we are all for this. The Tesla folks can use their J1772 adapter to charge.

Equipment suppliers abound and you should consider cable dispensing equipment in such a 'public setting' that will automatically retract the cable and the plug. No a Tesla user will not necesarily return the cable out of harms way as I have seen this happen.
A recent visit to a destination Charger that I have used 2X before had the cable ripped out of one and the second the wand end looks crushed, the J1772 looks intact could not tell if it was working did not have my J1772 adapter with me but I do now..
Pity the HPWCs were set up high current mode and would charge my car at 72A.

Your proposal should be complete as possible and include:
1. Cost of Equipment
2. Cost to install.
3. Who pays for the electricity
4. Who pays for maintenace
5. Who monitors usage ,,in case one person plugs in his car at 8am and leaves it plugged in till 6pm
6. Security.
So does your employer offer free gasoline to employees?
I didn't think so.
This free charging thing is only temporary.

Many tech companies offer free lunch. I think they would offer free gasoline as well if it was that easy.

Free electricity is off the books (no record that it was you who took the gift) and pre-tax so it costs them 40% less to buy the electricity than it does you if you received that via salary.
So hold that thought and get back to me in 5 years or so.

It does cost something to install the equipment to make charging available and unlike gasoline, It has to be provided (at least now) to each parking space.
Not knowing who got the gift is a huge problem. It could be someone off the street.
When you have a car with 300 mile range and can charge at home and the cost per mile is low, charging at work is not as attractive even if it is free.
The building I worked in never had even 10% of the parking space available for all the employees. Most parked on surface lots nearby.
The building I worked in never had even 10% of the parking space available for all the employees. Most parked on surface lots nearby.

So where I work the building and the employer are separate, and there is gated access to the garage, though they have disabled the gates.l So you could assume that the person is an employee or guest of the tenants, but you have no record of "I gave you $1000 worth of electricity".

When there are more EVs (ex 50%) it will be a very sensible employee perk in many places. Already is like that in some places, I'm sure.