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EV Kill Stories

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Feb 22, 2018
Let's hear some stories. PFA

Last Friday a well known 2JZ twin turbo swapped Lexis in my local car scene. Rolls down the loser bus lane trying to jump the line. Unknowingly I was at the light and a Performance Model 3 behind me. Light went green and pulled harder than a girl trying to get a free dink on a Saturday night. Next thing I know the model 3 behind me rolls hard too and the Lexis couldn't pull out of the bus lane and got stuck behind a stopped bus. Ended up being sent to the back of the line due to no one letting him in. Made my day.
I haven't been to the drag strip yet, I'd like to find one that has 240V power available since I'd probably be down under 80% SOC if I charged to 100 before leaving. Nearest strip is about 50 miles away.
Back in prehistoric times (circa 1964) in Orange County, CA, the boys just marked the start and quarter-mile lines on the blacktop of some rural road with rattle-can paint. Races were negotiated in the parking lot of Oscar's Drive-In restaurant in Santa Ana. Then the parking lot emptied and everyone rolled to the "strip" to watch the fun...leaving the car hop ladies with no cars to serve until the races were over. It worked then and it works now.
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