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EV/PHEV rental in Ireland?


Jul 18, 2017
I wouldn't have imagined this would be so difficult. I'm looking to go on a trip with my mother in Ireland this summer (arriving and departing from Dublin) and I was thinking, "Hey, let's rent a PHEV to travel around in, so at least part of the miles are electric" (my mother has no electric experience, so I don't want her to stress by going full electric). Easy right? Just go to a car rental place and rent one, right?

I swear, I've tried every rental place I can find and not a bloody one has any sort of electric offerings at all - BEV or PHEV.

I thought, well, surely Turo would have something right? So I pull up Turo... and there's only 6 vehicles *total* available to rent. None of them electric.

Any ideas on how to find a PHEV for rent for 4 days in June in Dublin? Not too picky about what kind, although the longer the electric range the better, of course :)
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Hi Karen - Sixt in Dublin had a few i3's a one stage - don't know if they still have any but their Dun Laoire branch would be well worth a phone call - +35312352030. Failing that, GoCar - a rent by the hour car place, have I3's - they seem to be €12/hr or €80/day - but check what the mileage restrictions are first.. GoCar Rates | Ireland's Only Car Sharing Company

Best of Luck !

i3 won't work as it's pure electric (it'd work for me, but not with my easily-stressed mother! ;) ). But I'll get in touch with Sixt in Dun Laoire and GoCar to see if they have any recommendations on where to look. Thanks!