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EV Spotting Thread

Just for fun, let's talk about EVs that you've spotted in the wild here. Don't count cars you've seen at a dealership or car show (too easy), but ones actually out being used. For reference, I live in the SF Bay Area in California, so I definitely have a bit of an easier time, though I don't drive all that much.

Frequently Seen - I see these quite regularly (often times multiple in a day)
  • Tesla S, 3, X, Y -- too damn many here in the Bay Area
  • Chevy Bolt
  • Nissan Leaf
Uncommonly Seen - I don't see these as often, but still see them around
  • Kia Niro, Hyundai Ioniq (not 5) - I think I pass by these pretty often, but they're so normal looking that I don't notice them
  • VW ID.4 - every one of these I've seen has been the dark blue (I think it is the best looking one too, so it's not surprising)
  • Ford Mustang Mach E
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Polestar 2
  • Audi E-Tron (fat E-Tron) - A neighbor has one of these, so I actually do see it pretty frequently
Rarely Seen - I've only seen this once or twice
  • Ioniq 5 - I expect to see this more as time goes on, but I've only seen one on the road so far. I did see a bunch at my local Hyundai dealership
  • Tesla S Plaid - Seen once on the highway, and once at my office. Probably passed by a few more of these and just never noticed
  • Mini-Cooper EV - Again, probably passed by more, but looks too much like a normal Mini to notice.
  • Rivian R1T - Saw one being delivered on a flatbed last December. Also saw one recently at a park in Palo Alto. My wife was quite excited to see it, as we have a pending R1S reservation. This was before the price increase (and decrease)
  • Lucid Air - Saw one parked at Pebble Beach Golf Resort's CCS charger. An older gentleman was trying to get it to charge. I didn't want to disturb him, however, so I didn't approach
  • Audi E-Tron GT - I think I saw one, but I don't quite remember (I get it confused with the Taycan sometimes)
  • Tesla Roadster - Many years ago, someone at my office had one of these, and I saw it regularly as it was just one of two EVs there.
Yet to see
  • Tesla X Plaid - Probably passed by a few already, but didn't notice
  • Kia EV6 - Expect to see more of these soon
  • Rivian R1S - I know there's at least one in Palo Alto being driven around
Teslas and Leaf's remain the only common sighting I have. Everything else on your list mirrors most of my experience, though I've seen a handful of etrons, both conventional and sportback (no GTs yet). No Rivians or Lucids for me though, and while I haven't seen any Ioniq 5s, I have been surprised that I've already seen 3 Kia EV6s. I think I've spotted some Volvo Recharges as well, but may possibly have been the plug in hybrid versions.

Polestar 2 and Taycan were the surprises for me, I figured it'd be awhile since I saw either in person. First impression is both look much better in person than in pics, I was particularly taken aback at how pretty the Taycan was.
My observations are mostly similar to yours.

Among Teslas, the 3 and Y are by far the most common, the X is the least common of the volume models, and the Roadster is very rare.

Nissan Leafs seem to be declining in frequency. You also did not mention the VW e-Golf, which used to be somewhat common but is also declining in frequency. Probably those who leased shorter range EVs are very uninterested in keeping them (especially after Nissan Leaf capacity loss), so they get returned and shipped to some place where cheap used short range EVs may sell better.

Chevrolet Bolts are common, but not the 2022 refreshed ones, which had only a very short time on sale before being put under recall.

I did see a few Rivians and Lucids in patterned wrap, presumably pre-release "disguise", but have since seen some without any wrap.
In my part of Silicon Valley there are Teslas of all sorts, except Roadsters, everywhere. In distant second, Bolt EVs. (Mary really needs to restart production of them ASAP.) ID.4s becoming noticeable, as are the Hyundais/Kias. Still some Leafs around. Also the occasional Taycan.

So far spotted two Lucids and one Rivian in the wild. Also one e-Tron GT.
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A couple months ago, I spotted a Mercedes EQS with a Georgia mft plate near LinkedIn in Sunnyvale. I don't like the look of the exterior. It isn't classy.
I'd also seen Lucid Air with camo driving around in Fremont way before they released it.
If you're in the Bay Area, you probably know where to go to spot the new Teslas. =))
I'm seeing a lot of Polestar 2's. I think everyone caught on to what a good deal they are. I think back in Dec 2021 there were doing 0% financing too. $65k fully loaded and slap on the $7500 EV tax credit and potential $1000-$2000 in state EV rebates...$55k is pretty attractive.
I'm seeing a lot of Polestar 2's. I think everyone caught on to what a good deal they are. I think back in Dec 2021 there were doing 0% financing too. $65k fully loaded and slap on the $7500 EV tax credit and potential $1000-$2000 in state EV rebates...$55k is pretty attractive.

Oddly, its EPA economy is not that great -- 31 kWh / 100 miles (2WD) or 38 kWh / 100 miles (AWD), needing a 78 kWh battery for 270 or 249 miles of range.
Unfortunately this Mach E has had a tough start to life.
Coastal SoCal (well south of LA) I‘m seeing a Rivian R1T pretty regularly; was next to it in stop and go traffic for several minutes the other day. Had commercial plates with a December sticker. Nice looking vehicle if I were in the ”adventure pickup” market, which I am not ;)

Also saw a Lucid Air the other day, with paper temporary tags so presumably an actual purchase, not a ”dealer” car. A bit smaller than I expected, and the belt line looks awfully high 🤔. Didn’t get to look too long though, as I was waiting in the left turn lane and it was slightly ahead of me in the straight lane, so I lost sight of it as soon as the straight light turned green.

I like my 2021 M3LR, but I really want Tesla to have solid competition in the next 3-5 years when I may be looking for a new car again.