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EVs to cut consumption of junk food

Since the vast majority of charging is done at home, I think the amount of purchases at gas stations will certainly go down. Add "charging pumps" to the stations, however, and what remaining charging is done may cause more consumption, since the dwell time is a lot longer. One hardly has time to go into the store to buy something when filling up on dino juice, but given a 30 minute "quick" charge delay, one would certainly be tempted to shop. Bottom line, you have two opposing forces. Which will win is anybody's guess.
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No, but leaving home with a full tank of fuel and she is still stopping at the filling/Gas station for "provisions" ... so if people want sugary drinks / junk-food I expect they will still stop. They are only going to stop for gas, what?, once a week? so for those wanting junk food they are probably already stopping e.g. daily ... I don't see that changing when they no longer have to stop for fuel.