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EVWheelsDirect has anyone bought from them yet

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So I went and looked at the 18" turbine wheels that are on their site. They look good but it seems they are only taking preorders. I noticed however they do not have a phone number or address on their webpage? As far as the wheels they are spec'ing 28 lbs per wheel, can this be right? Has anyone done business with these guys or know about their wheels?
Since it is a preorder and I will need to pay upfront with no definite delivery time it makes me a little nervous that there isn't a phone number or physical address listed (or I somehow missed seeing it). It would be great however if someone on this forum that has dealt with this company would weigh in on their experience.
I was wondering this too. Their price is very nice and the wheels look good but the weight gives me pause. There are people who have purchased from them and are very happy with the end result. For me, if the weight for the 18s really is 28lbz, then is it worth it to pay the extra money and get the light Tsportline wheels or save the money and get the heavy wheels which will obviously impact range.
@Austindude So what happened with your order? I am looking into them as well and not getting a good vibe from them. They reported that they are backordered on the wheels I want but delivery will be in April or May. April is halfway over. I'm speculating they don't even know.
Oh yeah well I got them a good while back and I like the way they look. I will add that they are heavier than the stock 18" wheels from Tesla but that sort of thing doesn't bother me as much as it does others. I can't tell any difference in acceleration or range. Anyway I'm happy with mine.


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