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Excessive Tesla service charge for faulty charger door? Could use some input.

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Hi - could use your input on this invoice to change out a faulty charger door on a 2015 Model S.

I get that it's $175/hour but then there's an extra labor charge for $105. If the mobile tech was there for less than an hour should they be charging me the extra $105?

$280 labor charge seems excessive, but would love to know what you think.


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Exactly what @GtiMart said, with the addition that Tesla doesn't charge actual hours, they charge "book time" which is common in the automotive world. Sometimes it goes faster than book time other times it takes longer, but you always pay just the book time. It is one of the things listed on the invoice:

Labor charges are not based solely on actual service personnel’s time but are aggregate prices for specific services or repairs, which may include flat rates based on industry manuals and vehicle condition;
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