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Expected delivery date MY

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Hi everyone,

I am currently waiting for Tesla to post on my account the VIN of my Model Y. During the reservation process I requested the sales rep for a delivery date around the second week of February. At that point he recommended me to apply for credit by the end of January, (which I did) Given that the second week of Feb is almost here, I am really anxious to see the VIN posted in my acct. However, no luck yet. I do not know if anybody has gone through a similar scenario but if anyone has: did Tesla honored your request for delivery date? Also, were you guys contacted by someone at Tesla to coordinate down payment and delivery? Thanks!
In my last two deliveries I was able to push the date no more than 4-5 days by stating I was on vacation. once they said it was ready. Otherwise the car gets assigned to someone else and you need to get back in line for the best one. I’ve never been able to set a specific date I want to pickup, especially at order placement. Once they have a delivery date for you then you get a contact.
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Hi everyone,

Also, were you guys contacted by someone at Tesla to coordinate down payment and delivery?

APF2021, this was a learning experience for my case, I did a self financed through a credit union, Tesla wanted the most convenient way for them to get your down payment via funds transfer by using Plaid*, third party company.

Here is a snippet of the message on your account ...

"Please submit a secure payment for your Tesla directly from your checking or savings account" ... and then

asks you to

Add your Bank Account and Pay

I ended up going to my local credit union to get a check to hand over during delivery day. & Yes, when you get closer to the delivery date, at least for my experience, someone from the delivery team will contact you & you can ask them the "how".

Goodluck & let me know if you have any question,



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