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Extended Warranty Does Not Cover Paint Bubble

I have had my 2016 MX P90D with Midnight Silver Metallic paint for close to 5 years now, and it's the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have constantly promoted Tesla to everyone that asks about my car, but that's why this hurts. Last year around this time a small Paint bubble showed up on my X and I mentioned it shortly after to my Kitchener, Ontario service manager when it was in for some Acceleration Shudder work (that's a whole different story). He verbally noted it and said he would look into it. My X was in later times in the summer for more Shudder work and I mentioned it again a couple of times, he said again that he forgot about it and would look into it. After nothing came back from him I specifically made a point of cornering him on this because I didn't want this to drag out past my Extended Warranty, because I assumed Paint related issues were covered in the warranty. He finally said to me to take pictures of the bubble and give them to him in the late summer. I did and not a word from him at all. I brought the subject up a few weeks later, and he said they lost the pictures somewhere in the system. Getting frustrated now, I said this has to be resolved quickly because I had run into this kind of stalling before when it took almost 2 years to get my seat heater fixed. They brought it in and took their own pictures this time in the fall. It again went up the chain of command and didn't hear anything back for weeks. Finally I pushed for an answer and a month ago they came back to me and said that after all that, my X is not covered for Paint Bubbles under the Extended Warranty. If I had made a formal complaint to the head office back in mid-summer it would have been covered. Even though I did mention it to the manager, I didn't push it to the top right away because I thought I was covered anyway. The manager who I talked to is gone on leave and I can't talk to him, and even so I believe that he was stalling me because of the warranty and maybe ignorance of Tesla's paint policies at the time. They did say that newer X's have paint covered in their Extended Warranties, but the 2016's and 17's don't. So buyer beware you too can get screwed on paint warranties.