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Just coming to the last few days of my Tesla 4 year warranty and looking to extend.

Only a few months ago there was an option on the Tesla website to buy a further 4 year warranty/ 50k miles, this influenced my decision to purchase the car after my lease had ended.

I called the Tesla service centre who were a bit confused themselves as they couldn't access the warranty page either. They put me on hold for a couple of minutes, then told me the extended warranty is no longer available in the UK and is only available in the USA. Normally you would have to buy the extended warranty before yours expired, but now it is no longer available at all.

All in all I am extremely upset and frustrated with this situation as I am unsure and worried about the fees that Tesla may charge for their poorly assembled vehicle. The tech is also a concern as I have had one issue after another throughout my four years, I won't bore you with the details as they did always look after me and gave me a car to use while it was being repaired, but now that I am going to be out of warranty I really do not look forward to the years ahead...

When I checked a few months ago the extended warranty was only a few thousand, I believe third parties charge a lot more. Any advice out there on what company to use, anything to look out for?

I didn't think Tesla would stoop so low and not look after it's existing customers who bought the vehicles at a premium when they were just starting out. I cannot afford another new car, and was hoping to keep this one going for a few more years before upgrading to another Tesla. I feel really let down by the company who clearly only care about their customers in the states.

Poor show Tesla, poor show. I hope by the time I upgrade the other car manufacturers would've caught up with the tech and I will be able to move away from this company.

Many thanks
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The problem with third party warranties is you have to make a claim and you do not know what is and isn't covered, and there is all this paperwork to chase. What are the exclusions for example. If my car doesn't charge is that covered? If the screen goes blank? and so on...
It seems that this is now available once again through a Tesla partner. £2400 for an additional 4 years/50k miles. Doesn’t cover drivetrain or battery however.

I’m a way out for needing it, but I’m curious if it’s worthwhile