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Exterior Box to pass charging wand?

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I'm looking for a metal box that I could place on my exterior brick garage wall where I could pass through the wand from the HPWC.
Why you ask?
During the summer I'll be parking my soon to be delivered MS on the driveway just in front of the garage door, but in the winter I'll park it in the garage.
The HPWC will be installed in the garage and I'd hate to have the cable sit on the floor with the garage door closed on it during the summer months.
If I made a nice size hole (about 3.5") in the garage wall I'd be able to pass the wand through this "box". I'd purchase another wall bracket to hang the cable and wand.
Ideally, the box would have a 3.5" hole on the wall size and a slot/groove in the base where the wire would pass through; and a surface lid that closes to keep the wire from coming out of the groove.

Perhaps someone has purchased something similar or has another idea all together.

Thanks in advance
What about using a piece of PVC pipe, like conduit? There are plenty of ways to cap it when not in use (you could even use threaded PVC to allow you to screw a cap onto it when not in use). It can be painted as required, and wouldn't necessarily have to be all that big (you might be able to get away with something as small as 2", although I haven't tried to thread the coupling through a conduit, so I don't know.
I think a lockable (optional?) metal box with a section of thick conduit through the wall would be fine. Get a box big enough to coil the wire up inside to hang. When you switch to indoor charging, you just pull it through. You'll just cut a 2-3" hole in the box and the wall to match the PVC pipe (like FlasherZ suggested)
I was all set to do this exact setup as well, plan was to drill a hole thru the garage, then Park outside in summer and inside in winter. But, then I tested it and the garage door puts zero stress on the cord when closed so I didn't bother. I did purchase the hpwc cable organizer tho, and hang my cord on it outside the garage when not in use. The UMC fits fine in it, and helps keep rain off the wand connections.
I actually do this. No holes needed. Simply place an extra mount outside and adjust the garage door to stop 1/2" higher. If you have a weather seal on the door, it easily flexes around the cord (which is tucked tight in the corner anyhow and can be clipped there if need be)

Those of us with mice around can't really do that. :)