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Extra battery for sound system

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Went a little overboard with the my speaker install. Had 2 10’s put in but apparently the amp is a little overpowered. Audio shopped recommended adding an additional litihium battery to ensure that my range isn’t effected. Anyone else run into this?
I would say see how it goes. Any other battery you add would be more mods added to the car. And in any case the main battery has to top off both in any case.

Now You Know went across the country with a small refrigerator in the back of their X. See how your amp does. :D
If your only running one amp your probably good, the 12V system is pretty robust based on conversations I've had with experienced Tesla installers. Adding an extra 12V probably would not hurt anything, just provide additional capacity to draw from at the 12V level. I plan on installing 4 amps with DSP for a custom system and will likely add 1 or 2 additional batteries just for piece of mind.