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Extra interior lights on SR+ during update!

I was checking on the 12.1 update today and got in the car when it was loading the update (progress line on black screen).

I noticed the interior lights in the front door pockets were on as well as the front footwell!!!

Once the reboot was finished the lights were gone again! Would be good to get an option to upgrade to say SR++ !!!
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They've added complexity by having some SR+ owners with fog lights (like me). But I'd also consider paying for the additional speakers and the full connectivity for traffic etc.

The speakers probably won’t ever be an official option from Tesla. It requires removing trim and hardware updates (new wires, etc). Based on Tesla’s service history, no one expects them to invite more work.
I understand that Tesla want to have enough in the premium package to differentiate the model tier, but I think the larger battery/dual motors/charger/premium sound (some real hardware upgrade) should've been enough. Without a good separation of tier, it run into problem it has with EAP and FSD... EAP enjoy a lot of $ saving unless you believe that at the end of the rainbow the regulation would allow FSD and robo taxi etc will be a reality within the life of the car..(I do have FSD). Anyay, regarding partial premium... fog log ok... but interor footwell light? that is just petty... same as withholding floorfmat. Literal $10 sourced or so carpet floormat and software disabled light... just really... going to cheap out like this. is just petty and I really don't think it really contributre to the tier trim it wants to establish, let alone how they butcher them with stealth performance and all the crap...
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I also noted interior ambient and door lights on this morning when remotely turning on the climate control during
cold morning. Walked to car in garage and noticed interior lights on. Was kind of a nice touch so you know something is going on inside the vehicle.