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Extra screen project model s

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Hey folks,

I am starting new project today. The aim is to have additional screen under main mcu. It shall extend my Tesla with functions like: 3D bird view 360 parking camera system, radar warnings during driving, play store apps etc. My main interest was to have bird view like camera system so I have done some research whats available on the market. It turns out I could use HDMI interface + 3d bird view package from one of the forum members but that would cost 770usd plus taxes plus I would need additional device for other functions. Instead I found I can spend around 300 usd and have it all but the problem would be its gonna be on external screen. There is almost no space in model S where I could install additional screen and the only viable option would be under center console. Obviously that will have to be mounted somehow and look good. So the project started. I will build screen holder that will look like an extension of the main screen. It will have to be slightly more rotated like in the attached pictures. Also I want it to be non invasive so I can remove it any time.

Done so far:
- order android device
- create design from cardboard
- project cardboard onto steel sheets and cut them

- weld steel sheets together to form a frame for the screen
- apply carbon foil onto the frame
- install 4 cameras
- install screen

Any opinions are welcome.


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following! love diy projects.

you can buy sheets of "scrap" CF for cheap. once you get your fit up done, you could just trace and cut out of the sheets. would be nicer than just metal

While your idea is nice I would rather use metal for the frame as it gives me some freedom in bending its shape or assembling it by simply welding it.

I plan to wrap it with CF foil in the end but I was also thinking of making it look nicer by using some polymer clay in between to make it round on the corners.

I need to wait now with further work until I receive the screen, that might take a couple of weeks as it swims to me from China :)


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Getting closer, the addon is almost ready, now just need to install all the 360 cameras and connect it.


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have you thought about what you want to do with the cup holder/center area?
I was thinking of leaving it as it is now, it will still be usable. I actually removed the perpendicular piece that connects both the sliding and rotating covers so that I can access all space more easily with the new screen attached.


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