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Extreme phantom braking event tonight. No TACC or Autosteer

I've read a lot of posts about phantom braking but it never really concerned me much because up until today I had only experience minor and infrequent events.

Tonight, however, my car really scared me. It slammed on the brakes to the point that the wheels locked up slightly and the car fishtailed a bit to the left. I was not using either cruise control or Autosteer at the time. Just plain old fashioned driving by hand at 35 mph. It was dark, and a pickup truck was approaching in the opposite lane of a hilly two-lane country highway. We were on a straight portion of the road both heading down toward a low point, and just as the truck passed my Model Y slammed on the brakes and the system started beeping and screaming it's very loud alarm signal. Also an indication popped up on the screen that Dashcam footage was being saved.

Fortunately I was driving slowly and it was easy to regain control, but what the heck?!! That was bad! I assume it was the collision avoidance system that was responsible since TACC and AP were not in use. I believe I have only experience phantom braking when AP was active in the past so this seemed unusual. And I have never experienced braking this hard. Is this normal?

Since I know the exact timestamp and have dashcam footage do you think I should contact Tesla? I've watched the footage a few times and there is absolutely no reason I can see that collision avoidance should have been activated.

Car is a 2021 Vision Only Model Y LR.
I'm sorry to hear of your experience. Have you tried recalibrating your cameras? That was supposed to work for me, but afterwards my Model 3 still brakes constantly when I'm in Autopilot and Adaptive Cruise (8 times in 20 miles!) Having these features was part of the reason I purchased the Tesla. They are unusable to me. I worry I have made the wrong decision in buying the Tesla.
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Hello Everyone,

greets from Ontario.

regarding the phantom braking apperances, I have to join the subject. I have a 2022 M3LR, received last saturday 18. Dec. 2021.
Yesterday evening , I was driving the route London, ON to Toronto Airport and back on the 401 Highway. The complete drive was after sunset. The set speed in cruise control only (110 to 120 kmh) , without autosteering. I do not have FSD.

The phantom braking did appear really out of the blue cruising with 110kmh when getting close to off-ramps, being on the most right snail lane. It appears, as if the car sees the speed limit signs at the off ramp and tries to obey. I do not think the brakes were applied, but the energy recovery braking slowed the car down from 110 to 90, even the cruise control was changed to the setting of 80 kmph.
I believe, the auto AEB, as described in the previous mesage from rjpjink was set on as well.
I do have the FSD auto recognition activated though.

The auto steering, I guess its called here Autopilot (beta) was not activated as the feature does activate the high beams in a erratic fashion, which does not comply with my high beam behaviour, being more moderate with it. I really do not understand the matter behind this kind of operational need to take over the high beams for the auto pilot option. Is the car blind at night to operate to have the need for the high beams with this ?
Not only the high beams, but you can't adjust the wipers when on TACC or Autopilot either. And the babysiter will also decide when you have set your cruise too fast for a corner. Ooo, you made too quick of a move? You were bad, turning off TACC until the car is turned off and restarted. (of course I'm a mellow driver so I've only heard of such things...)

But to get back to the braking. Whether phantom braking or collision avoidance, it is enough to make me sell my 2021 LR3.

I just returned from one of my favorite road trips through the Mojave desert from Palm Springs to Las Vegas. From 29 Palms through the on-ramp to 15 near Primm, I was a scared and hovering over the gas pedal ready to apply the juice if it decided (and it decided often with varying severity) to slam on the brakes. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe shadows? Dips in the road? Certainly oncoming trucks on 2 lane highways! Clouds? Shadows? They all seem to cause it but with no consistency.

Using TACC on a long drive on a 2 lane hwy with my foot poised over the pedal and hands firmly on the wheel it feels like I am at the dentist office holding my mouth open. It's muscles you don't usually use and on the recent trip to Vegas it caused my leg to tense up and feel about as bad as going to the dentist. And don't even try cruise control on Hwy 97 out of Bend, OR heading south. Your passenger will leave a stain on your seat when it locks up as it did to me - oncoming semi, corner with a off-ramp. Oh my, skidded with locked up seatbelts and all of the bells and whistles. Quite the first serious jolt. Now I'm more calm but still there's no relaxation using TACC on 2 lane highways even when the roadway is empty.

I have driven 7,000 miles now and being someone who has always "lived" on cruise control I will say TACC and TACC when using Autopilot SUCK!!! I saved a ton of money (for me) to buy this vehicle and want to love it sooo bad, but having to hover over the gas pedal always waiting to react if I want to use cruise control SUCKS!! And since I'm complaining about it, who the hell designed a cruise control system without resume? Idiot.

Beautiful car but I'm seriously moving on. They shoulda stayed with Lidar in addition to Tesla vision. That set-up also had some phantom issue but my car sees ghosts. My car was delivered with a true Gremlin and it isn't safe.
So far I have had pretty good experiences with TACC on my 2022 model Y running 2022.4.5.3. Sometimes I get a bit nervous and disable the system. I use it often around Los Angeles area. I do not think I have had many phantom braking incidents yet. In one case car did slow down a bit quickly when on freeway due to construction crew pointing bright powerful work lights towards traffic a bit. I assumed this situation would hinder TACC and was ready to disable it.
However, I’ve never had a car with any form of assisted steering before.

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