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Factory tours

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I was there supercharging today on a trip back from SoCal and tours were definitely in progress. I drove with very open eyes for any X action, but alas.. nada.

On another note, that place is a madhouse these days! My delivery day and tour were pretty calm. They seem to be trucking people through there these days.. or at least this day.
My understanding is that there are no factory tours offered during December 2015. Something to do with the ramping up of the new Assembly Line #2 for X production.

Not sure if that's true...See the email response I got below..they also put me on a waiting list.

"Due to high demand for tours over the holidays, we are already fully booked through the end of the year."
The tours may be filling up towards the end of the year because of additional Fremont deliveries. It's convenient to take a factory tour in conjunction with delivery of your car from the factory. And pushing year/quarter-end Fremont deliveries (at the expense of overseas or cross-continental deliveries) help Tesla meet their short term delivery goals by eliminating transit time.
What if Tesla is purposely blocking out tour slots during December to leave spots open for Model-X owners, in case they want to pick up from factory and book a tour? That would mean some some slots could come free and putting your name on a waiting list might be fruitful.