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Fayetteville, GA Service Center is a Mess

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So I had my pristine 22 Model 3P towed in as it was getting all the error lights and alarms.

When the SC returned the car I had a gouge/scuff on my yoke steering wheel, and multiple scratches/scuffs on the lower A Pilar trim and on the lower B pillar trim. The advisor looked at it and said, “yeah, that happens often here.” She took pictures and said she will forward to her manager. She later came back and said they didn’t do it and I needed to address with Tesl Roadside/towing company. Guess what the towing company said?

Customer support said to reach out to Roadside so they can address it with their operations department.

After two days they came back and said they weren’t honoring the claim as they said it’s “wear and tear”. That’s BS as all this parts were replaced by me when I bought the car used as whoever had it before scratched those parts and it bothered me. I even have the invoices where it shows I bought them.

Needless to say, I did a chargeback on my credit card. If they will not cover the damages either Tesla, or their subcontracted towing company, did then why should they get off free and clear?

It’s a bit of a drive, but I will be taking it to Savannah for service. It’s an hour further but so far the experience has been far better. F the Fayetteville Service Center.