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Feature Request -DashCam Date/Timestamps ?

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I don't know if there are any Tesla employees on this forum or Someone who can get this tweeted to Elon. I think there definitely should be a date/timestamp on Dashcam recordings/Sentry events on video.

It can be useful even in courts when these video are turned in as evidence. :) Thoughts ? Why or why not ?


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The only reason I can think why this might not be done is that it would take not-insignificant processing power to take the already-encoded video data, decode it, inject the timestamp, and re-encode it into each frame. That processing power would otherwise be available for the autonomy software stack.

Keep in mind that Teslacam only exists as a convenience derived from the fact that the camera are already there and running for the autonomy systems; having 'security' footage is a mere side-effect; a bonus.
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The files are names with the date and time of the recording, but that's effectively a post-it note on the videotape. I inferred the OP was asking about embedding a visible timestamp into the video.

Exactly. I assume he may need it for proof in an accident or something similar (maybe parking ticket). A file name can be edited/set by anyone so it's not as good as having an actual timestamp on the video footage itself.
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Thank you for all your replies, Yes I meant to be embedded in the video as timestamps in file name could be altered easily so dont know if that can stick in court.. Vs one which is done by vehicle but I understand it will take processing power but again at-least with new HW3 we have lot of processing power I wonder how much of processing power will it really take .. Anyhow Thank you for all your feedback :)