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Feeler: 2015 Model S P85D Deep Blue/Black, Carbon Fiber, Air Suspension, Sunroof, Premium Sound, AP1, MCU2, Free Supercharging, CPO WARRANTY

I love this car and I’m not sure I want to sell it, but my Rivian just came in and I’m running out of room, so we’ll call this a feeler for now and see what the interest looks like.


2015 Tesla Model S P85D
70,000 miles

Factory comprehensive CPO warranty through 2/2023
Factory drive unit/battery warranty through 11/2023
  • Deep Blue Metallic Exterior
  • Black Next Generation interior
  • Carbon Fiber trim
  • Black Alcantara headliner
  • Panoramic Sunroof - you can't get this anymore!
  • Ultra High Fidelity Sound
  • Smart Air Suspension
  • Subzero Weather Package
  • Autopilot 1
  • Red Brake Calipers
Price: $62,500, will accept REASONBLE offers. I don’t need to sell it, and in some ways I kind of hope it doesn’t sell :)
Location: Newtown, PA

Free unlimited supercharging – grandfathered free supercharging at Tesla superchargers forever! You can plug in and charge at no cost at any Tesla supercharger. This is a big deal if you use supercharging!

Free premium connectivity – grandfathered free upgraded premium connectivity for infotainment. No monthly fee.

Autopilot 1 – solid and reliable, I use it all the time. Definitely not the latest and greatest, but it’s predictable, and for that reason I prefer it to the newer experimental stuff!

MCU2 upgrade – I paid for the MCU2 upgrade, which converts the center display to the newer, faster unit with the ability to do Theater (Netflix, Youtube, etc.), games, etc. It is leaps and bounds faster than the old version that came in these cars – huge upgrade that was well worth it.

Wheels – Upgraded to 21” Tesla OEM Twin Turbine wheels in Sonic Carbon. If you prefer the original gray 21” Turbine wheels, can be switched before the sale.

Tires - Four new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S installed 7/2021, less than 8k miles and plenty of remaining tread.

Extras – will also include front WeatherTech floor mats, Tesla Center Console Insert, touch up paint kit (never used)


Exterior is in very good shape considering age – it has always been garaged and I keep it clean. The only noteworthy issues are:
  • Some scratches on the back left quarter panel (see pics) from some idiot kid that egged me while driving. Might be able to polish it out but it never bothered me enough to do anything about it.
  • Some scratches on the nose cone from the week after I got it. Tesla had serviced the front radar and apparently did not completely snap it back in. Again never bothered me enough to fix.
Interior is in excellent shape considering age – I love the leather/Alcantara mix, and everything is in great condition.


Kinda - hard to believe, but at the shore a few summers ago, an iPhone-distracted teenager on a bicycle rode right into the back of the parked car, denting up the bumper, tailgate, and the edge of the quarter panel (she was fine, wear a helmet!). I wanted it fixed by the best, and for those who are familiar I took it to Karosserie in Wayne, PA, where it was comically out of place next to Ferraris, McLarens, and Koenigseggs. Needless to say it was fixed perfectly, and I’m pretty picky.

Warranty: Has comprehensive Tesla bumper-to-bumper CPO warranty until 2/18/2023. Has Tesla battery and drive unit warranty until 11/19/2023.

Battery health: I have babied the battery. I don’t drive often, and always charge only to the daily level, except for trips.

According to TeslaFi (which I have used since the first day I owned it) I have only supercharged 20 times total. The battery degradation report shows only 3.63% degradation and 245mi at full charge:




It drives perfectly, it's an absolute blast. All in all, it’s a great car and I’m very hesitant to sell it since it’s got the perfect configuration (for me, at least) and all the grandfathered goodies of the earlier models - but I do need the room.

Any questions, let me know.


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Excellent build, and a shame they don't customize their cars like they used to. At the very minimum offer your Model S & X clients some sort of customization. I could give two squirts about the 3 & Y's as they're a dime a dozen in my neighborhood and catapulted my MD P85D into a brand that you rarely see, into a brand you can't get away from. I tolerate it because it's doing what Tesla's Mission Statement set out to do, but just driving me NUTS seeing Tesla's everywhere now. Anyway, another perk I believe you have going for you is the coveted Plus Suspension based on one your pics showing the "Additional Vehicle Information". Truth be told, I've had my P85D+ for nearly 5 years now and during that time I picked up an 19 MS Raven Performance thinking I'd really like the Adaptive Suspension, improved battery and faster 0-60 time. Although I did appreciate the much faster charging time at SC's, and I certainly noticed the difference in speed off the line and while in motion. But I couldn't stand driving it because the ride was simply too smooth and lost that Performance Driving Feel that I really dig about the Plus Air Suspension. And then, I picked up an 18 MS P100DL with FSD and thought I would stick with that one because it had the additional speed and FSD with AP 3.0 hardware and "thought" I really wanted the FSD since my AP1 wouldn't be able to do that. But...... I didn't. In all fairness, FSD Beta was just coming out (and I knew I sure as **** wouldn't qualify for it based on their "Safety Score") so I never got to drive the Beta version. And since I mainly use my AP1 as Enhanced Variable Cruise Control anyway I didn't really notice the difference between the two in that regard. So yeah, I ended up selling that one as well. But in the end, it was the Alcantara interior, Plus Air Suspension AND the Pano Roof that I couldn't give up. I also had a Lucid Air Dream Edition that I ended up selling shortly after purchase because A: It certainly wasn't worth $169K IMO and B: Yeah, I was given a an offer I couldn't refuse. However, the Air GT at this time is more palatable to me with a $139K price point vs. current $154K cost. In addition, it's hard to pass the current resale for our Tesla's. As things are looking now, I'm guessing I'll get between $60K-$70K (I'll go up the gut at $65K for these figures) for my P85D+, subtracted from roughly $151K Air GT purchase price (with taxes, etc). minus current $7,500 tax credit brings my net difference to $78,500 for a 2022 (possibly 2023) Lucid Air Grand Touring which is literally no different from the Dream Edition besides some slight numbers in battery pack (DE: 118kWh, GT: 112kWh) and range (DE: 520 miles, GT: 516 miles). Not taking into consideration the differences between the Performance vs. Range Dream Edition, the Grand Touring is literally the same car minus exclusive colors/interiors, badging & Exclusivity in general. Besides these few minor difference, I'm cool with the $139K price point to have an EV that isn't on every block around me. I'm really really really going to miss the Pano & Plus suspension. But I'll be cool knowing someone else is enjoying that beast while I'm adjusting to mine.

Wow, I apologize for the side chat there. And also if my numbers are off or didn't make much sense. Tends to happen when I'm Burning the Midnight Oil. Anyway, GLWS, although I don't think you'll need much luck with the way the market is these days.