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Few comments and questions after first weekend with P85D

Discussion in 'Model S' started by gordo, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. gordo

    gordo Member

    Jan 16, 2015
    Great car. Everything I expected and then some.

    Few comments/questions:

    1. Did my first mod tonight: LED license plate bulbs. They look great, yay! But shouldn't those be standard by now? I can't see any reason why such an advanced car should have any incandescent bulbs at this stage, aside from possibly HID headlights (which may also be going LED by the looks of another thread around here).

    2. With the air on, I can't hear my son talking in the jump seat unless he yells. Anything I can do about that, other than turn the air down? Seems to get hot back there easily. Will be putting tint back there soon.

    3. A/C seemed to be working kind of funny today. Outside was 59 degrees (SF Bay Area), but inside the cabin it was probably 85 from sitting in the sun all afternoon. I get in, turn on the AC, and the air was barely working on AUTO, lightly puffing some warm air at me. i had to turn on manual control and set the fan to 11 and temp down to LO to get the car cooled off. Any idea what's going on? Range mode was off.

    4. Speaking of Range mode... The car was delivered with firmware 140, and I updated the first night to 167. Anything i can do to get to 179 or do i just have to wait for it to download one of these nights? How long do you expect it is before the system gets around to my VIN? I'm leery of engaging Range mode until i get off of 167, based on other threads I've read here and elsewhere.

    5. Does anyone know if Torque Sleep will be available outside fo Range Mode eventually? My delivery specialist didn't seem to know or else wouldn't commit. I think if they can get the transitions really smooth without a loss of apparent power, there should be no reason not to sleep the rear motor any time acceleration/torque is not being summoned.

    6. I (think?) I nearly had my fingers chopped off going out to the car tonight... I pressed the the remote button once (used to doing that from previous cars) just as the handles were automatically presenting themselves. That caused the handle to retract just as my fingers went to grab it. I quickly took my fingers out in time. So, until I get used to the whole auto-present business and double clicking to open, does anyone know what would actually happen if my (or worse my kids) fingers got caught in one of dem handles? I imagine a car this smart is not going to chop them off, but I'm curious how much pressure it will apply.

    7. How bad is it not to charge every night? I got the car on Friday and forgot to call PG&E in time, so they hadn't switched me to the cheaper time-of-day (EV-A) plan. So, with 75% charge remaining when i got home, I decided I could easily go all weekend without charging. I'm only down to 60% battery Sunday night and plan to commute ~40 miles on Monday. I expect I'll be on the proper plan Monday night, but it got me wondering, if I can go a few days and stay above say 30% range left, do I really need to bother plugging in every night? I understand that it's bad for the battery to stay really low or really high for extended periods, but is there an advantage to keeping it juiced up to 70-80% every night other than the obvious flexibility to drive longer distances at a moment's notice?

    8. My previous car had full frame doors. I noticed that with the Tesla I have a bad habit of closing the door by pushing the window. It seems that it might be putting some stress on the door frame when I do that. Is it? I think I need to train myself not to do that anymore...

    9. Is it just me or is the frunk latching mechanism ridiculously fragile? I tried to close the way the orientation guy showed me (hande atop where the rivets are), but I can literally feel the sheet aluminum flexing as I push down to click. I know about all the creasing issues and thought people were overreacting, but I think it's still a weak spot (even with the recent latch re-design) on an otherwise well built car.

    10. My garage seems to be a wifi dead spot. it's weird, because my wireless router (a new powerful, 3-antenna 802.11AC model) is really quite close to the garage and has no problem connecting to other devices within the house, so not sure if there's some source of interference nearby or what, but my car seems to waver in and out, right on the fringe of the router's range. Is this common, or are others experiencing good Wifi with the Model S? Also, I started to wonder: is there actually any obvious advantage to having the Model S connected to Wifi at home if the 3G signal seems to work fine in my garage?
  2. billarnett

    billarnett Member

    Nov 15, 2008
    Emerald Hills CA
    Maybe I'm a little silly but I can't resist a challenge. So I stuck my fingers in the door handle and pressed the fob to cause them to retract. No sweat: there is barely enough pressure to feel let alone hurt. Maybe a toddler wouldn't be happy but certainly there would be no injury. The windows close with more force but again nothing to worry about for an adult. Try it, no big deal.
  3. mgboyes

    mgboyes Member

    Apr 16, 2014
    United Kingdom
    The handles are on springs. When the car extends them a motor pushes the handles out of the car and stretches the springs. This motor is pretty strong - it needs to be able to get the handles out even when the car is severely iced up, but it's only used to extend them not retract them.

    When the handles retract the only thing pulling them back into the car is the springs contracting - there's no risk at all of any injury.
  4. jerry33

    jerry33 S85 - VIN:P05130 - 3/2/13

    Mar 8, 2012
    2. The A/C fan starts on a high speed--unless you start at a higher temperature setting. The easiest way is to control the fan speed by changing temperature--you can do that with the scroll wheel.

    3. That doesn't sound right. My A/C cools off right away.

    4. Tesla pushes out updates on a random schedule. You'll get it eventually.

    5. My understanding is that it now works both in and out of range mode, it's just more effective in range mode.

    7. A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla. It's not the end of the world if you forget to plug it in once in a while, but there is zero reason not to plug it in. Avoid letting it sit a low SOC. (the bar will turn orange and then red). One of the joys of a Tesla is that you start every morning with a full charge, so you never have to worry about when you need to stop for "gas".

    8. I push on the chrome strip.

    9. No frunk dent in 40K miles, with a lot of frunk opening.

    10. Have the Service Centre check out the WiFi connection. It's possible there is a connection problem with the antenna.
  5. HFh

    HFh Member

    Jan 15, 2012
    Atlanta, GA
    This is false.

    Tesla pushes out updates so that just about everyone else gets it before you do. This statement is true for all values of "you". Sources: reading this forum, local FB groups, my own sense of persecution.
  6. tomas

    tomas Only partially psycho

    Oct 22, 2012
    10- before checking tesla wifi antennae, see if phone gets wifi in garage. I had to put booster in room next to garage. Not tesla problem.
  7. eco5280

    eco5280 Member

    Mar 27, 2014
    I was going to suggest trying with a hot dog for a true worst-case-scenario test. But now that just feels like a silly experiment.

    #8 - that's not a good idea on any vehicle. Bad habit indeed.

    #10 - maybe get a wifi booster, or another router in Access Point mode. I've used them with great success.
  8. Danal


    Dec 11, 2014
    Fairview, TX, United States
    8 - I've several frameless cars. You can train yourself, and your family. You cannot train infrequent passengers. Cest La Vie.

    9. It is not just you. The fragile frunk close is, in my personal opinion, the most ridiculous issue that Tesla currently has open.

    10. Most "Big Box" stores now sell WiFi repeaters/extenders (that work) with simple configuration. Plug one in near the garage, along a line toward your existing router.
  9. SherSlick

    SherSlick Member

    Jan 30, 2015
    Denver, CO
    Don't forget the WiFi in the Tesla is only 802.11g so the extra range afforded by 2.4Ghz based N will not help. Also might help it if you allow the legacy bitrates (11 Mbps etc) on the route. Again the Wireless client on the Tesla is not super sophisticated, it could be a battle of G/N switching if more of your home devices support N.

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