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Firm Air Suspension?

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You are grossly over generalizing about what 5psi higher will do. 5psi is not going to cause those issues. Going to have to get more carried away adding pressure than that to cause those issues.

The stock pressure is what they feel was the best all round compromise for a lot of factors, 5psi is going to shift the balance they chose, not stop the tire from functioning. Would probably hurt snow grip, but reduce what little sidewall roll there is cornering. 5000lbs cornering hard is going to roll the tire more than you expect.
If your car has more body roll than in the video something is wrong. Have someone take a video of you taking a hard corner after putting the car on low suspension (set the speed limit to always then take the car up to 50 MPH to be sure). Either your perception is off or you need a trip to the SC. The ride height may be out of calibration.