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Firmware 5.9

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I just saw this post on reddit. Not sure about the validity of the post but hoping v5.9 starts rolling out soon (if it hasn't already).

Model S v5.9 Firmware - feedback? : teslamotors

From the post:

I noticed a relative's S had a firmware update available tonight so I applied it (with their OK) and took it for a test drive.
the good
hill assist -- stopped on a hill? The car now holds it's place for 1+ second after you take your foot off the brake. Lots of hills around here - works great.
air-suspension settings changed -- you can use 'extra high' upto 20mph (used to be 10mph), 'high' upto 30-35mph (used to be 20mph), and you can now pick 'low' as a setting. This car just became much sportier! The driveway entry is steep so 'extra high' is needed to enter or leave the driveway, being able to set it at 20mph approaching the driveway is better than having to essentially stop and wait for the change to take affect. The trigger speed to auto-switch to 'low' is apparently settable on a per-driver basis (I haven't done that yet).
battery charging ramp-up -- plugged into 240V, this car used to go from 0 amps to 27 to 40A. Now it creeps up from 0 to 13 to 27 to 30 and then slowly up to 40A. Not sure if this is for the battery or to lower the risk of problems with faulty home wiring.

the bad
height settings forgotten during update - the car was updated in the driveway while at the 'extra high' air suspension. I backed out of the driveway and scraped the bottom of the car because the firmware upgrade process reset the height to 'normal' without telling me.
the concerning
'normal' height was initially very noisy -- while driving it sounded like the hydraulics were attempting to raise the car (I didn't notice a height change), then it would vent the air (sounds like trucks compression brakes, but not as loud), and then silence... the process repeated every ~2 minutes. I changed to 'extra high' and it stopped. I returned to 'normal' and it started happening again. Then I switched to 'low' and hit the highway and it stopped happening. I returned to 'normal' for the last ~3 minutes of the drive and it didn't start happening. This might have been a side affect of starting the upgrade while in the 'extra high' setting... if it persists we'll probably get it looked at.

the wishlist
the car already detects when returning 'home'. Would be great if it could auto-adjust to 'extra high' on its own.

Anyone install it yet?
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I got it... Quite amazing.

1. Navi. finally got the favorite.
2. Smart suspension is back
3. Few other minor tweaks...

Thank you!

I changed the topic title to "Firmware 5.9" and made it sticky as well. We now have conformation that 5.9 is out there and available. We as mortals now simply have to wait until we get it.
I have the announcement waiting for me too. I have been one of those most vocal about the return of this feature. I told myself I would NEVER apply an update again without waiting for a couple of weeks to see how others perceive the new, however, since I have been clamoring the loudest, I am currently downloading. More info to follow.
I'm confused by the "new streaming music service." It sounds a lot like the old streaming music service. Is this Rdio replacing Slacker? The screen shot seems to show that, but it's hard to make out.