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Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

Not yet, and I have checked. I expect it will be a few days (at least), as they are clearly prioritizing the AP cars to maximize the impact of the press coverage and owner joy/relief.

From what I have seen, the new UI should work fine on non-AP cars, and soften the blow of not being part of that party.
*** Note to mods, please don't merge with 7.0 thread, us CLASSIC S owners need a place to discuss 7.0 where AP is not 99% of posts ***

OK "Classic" drivers. Those who man (or woman) their own steering wheel. Please post here if/when you have info or opinions re: the components of 7.0 that pertain to US.
I think this thread is a good idea. I especially would like to see pictures of the dash in a classic with new V7.0 software. There have been reports that V7.0 retains the dial with power meter and speed in our classic cars. I'd like that confirmed.
I read somewhere else that it has a different hud than the AP cars. Another vote for hoping that's true. I'm curious about the performance upgrades as well. New UI looks pretty slick. If it's a UI + performance upgrade, that's certainly nothing to complain about.

Also, as someone who missed the cut off date by a few months, I prefer "manual" model s to classic ;) O-well.