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Firmware updates WiFi only?

Will software updates come in over WiFi only or will the car's built in modem download new software? My parents live in a rural area and have very poor home internet. I just want to make sure that they can still get software updates OTA.

I thought maps were streamed live from Google?

The maps he is talking about are the ones for the navigation system, from Navigon, displayed on the the screen behind the steering wheel, not the maps from Google that are displayed on the central touchscreen. The first need to be available offline at any time, so they are downloaded to the car. The latter are only available if there is an Internet connection.
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My car is typically never connected to Wi-Fi. I've gotten multiple firmware updates over 3G. For map updates do you get some sort of notification when it is available or does it happen automatically?
You always get a notification and can accept or defer. I have done mine either at the SC or via 3G. I could have done a couple by wifi but it just has not happened so far.
In 2+ years, I've yet to get the any Navigon map updates.

For the firmware, the download is automatic, but the installation is up to you. There will be a popup.

I have never seen the "maps up to date" message that others are seeing, yet when I asked Tesla they looked at the map version in my car and said that I have the latest version of the maps database. So I don't think you can say, definitively, whether you have received updates or not.