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First “long trip” range anxiety

We will take our first “long trip” where the nearest supercharger is 200 miles from home. We will be more or less in the middle of no where and is anxious if our MY can make it that far.
1. Can we make it?
2. What can we do to maximize range?
3. what can we monitor to reduce anxiety?
4. what if battery runs out?
assuming that the supercharger is 200 miles from where you start at home and along the way?

1) yes
2) drive slower, (and if possible go downhill the entire way there ;))
3) deep breaths and Xanax if youre not driving
4) call roadside

in all seriousness, plan your trip wisely using both Tesla's navigation and third party apps like plug share. Also know that your car will go for about 10-20 miles or so after it reads zero but just don't put yourself in the situation
1. Use ABetterRoutePlanner before your trip, to plan it and see where it suggests you stop. If that tells you that all is good, you will be fine.
2. You can maximize range by making sure your tires are inflated properly and by not driving too fast. The biggest culprit to your range will be speed.
3. Use the car's navigation. You can then use the "trip" tab of the consumption graph to see how you are currently faring compared to the plan at the beginning of the segment. If the car says you'll run out, slow down. If you see you have plenty left, you can speed up a bit.
4. Look around with an application like PlugShare. Chances are there will at least be plenty of level 2 chargers somewhere. Although they are slow, they will prevent you from being stranded. Alternatively, you could procure a CHAdeMO adapter so you can charge at non-Tesla DC fast chargers. Even a 120V plug can get you out of trouble, it'll just be long.


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Oct 28, 2020
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Put your vehicle model in your sig, so we know what your maximum range is. When time permits, do more reading here to understand how your EV works. This forum is loaded with good info, some of it counter-intuitive. Once you understand how the system works, your anxiety will decrease, but, unlike with an ICE, you will always have to be aware of energy use, kind of like piloting an airplance: fueling has to be carefully planned.

Where are you driving to? If you post this, others in your region will chime in with advice.

If there is significant elevation gain, 200 miles could be reaching your maximum range? Expected wind direction? Pushing a headwind decreases range, especially if you drive 70mph +. These are all things that need to be taken into consideration when driving an EV, when you're in "the middle of nowhere,"

Many here use ABetterRoutePlanner (ABRP). Enter appropriate info into the "settings" area, and it will magically analyze and plan your trip, and calm your anxiety. It will show you travel options, and will also tell you if you should reduce your speed to maximize range.

To maximize range, keep tires at highest acceptable PSI. If possible, stay between 60-65mph. (Always drive downhill, with a tailwind. :) )
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I have a Model Y LR. My previous car was a Model 3 LR - AWD. My trip to my Mom's starts with a 202mi from my house to Supercharger. Next leg is a 226mi in the middle of nowhere to the next Supercharger. I have made the trip twice in Model Y. Six previous trips Model 3. Yes you will make it. Do not drive 80mph. Closest call was departing at 98% - arriving at 4%. All subsequent trips I wait for 100% for that 226 mile leg. Last trip in Model Y - Depart 100% - arrive 12%. As suggested 60-65mph.


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Apr 25, 2019
We will take our first “long trip” where the nearest supercharger is 200 miles from home. We will be more or less in the middle of no where and is anxious if our MY can make it that far.
1. Can we make it?
2. What can we do to maximize range?
3. what can we monitor to reduce anxiety?
4. what if battery runs out?
As others have noted, you the tools at your disposal to reassure yourself. First, put the destination into the car nav system: it will show you what it thinks is possible. Second, do the same with ABetterRoutePlanner, but make sure you set it up with all the data on your car first so that it can give you accurate estimations. Finally, think about driving style, and understand things you might do that would impact range. These include heating/cooling (moderate is fine, but beware heating the car very warm when its cold outside), and highway speeds (slower is better here .. 65mph is FAR better than 75MPH).

Then do the same exercise for a shorter trip (say, 50 miles), and see how the real results compare to the estimated ones (when there is no chance of running low on battery charge). That will allow you to judge the correctness of the estimates before you take the plunge on "the big one".
All great advice up there. Just remember, your biggest controllable variable is speed. Start slow and speed up as you get nearer your destination if things look good, not the other way around.
Also, don't forget that when you get to your destination, you have to leave there, too. You don't want to roll in to a place without a charger with 1% charge and no way to refuel. Even a wall socket can make all the difference.


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Mar 3, 2012
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Yes (unless you are going to gain several thousand feet of elevation). Play around with the trip graph in your garage. Set the supercharger as your destination and go to the trip graph to see what it says. Plug your car in and set it to 90-100% and begin charging. Come back in a few hours...the trip graph will automatically update with the new information.
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