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First Annual OpenEVSE Steampunk Contest

Discussion in 'Charging Standards and Infrastructure' started by Chris1howell, May 16, 2015.

  1. Chris1howell

    Chris1howell Member

    Oct 28, 2011
    Los Angeles, California, United States
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    OpenEVSE would like to announce the first Annual Steampunk Charging Station Build Off. This contest was inspired by an OpenEVSE builder Alex who built a Charging Station around a piece of Telephone test equipment from the 1960s. His project includes a working current meter and LEDs. More info on Alex's project...


    1 - Build a SAFE Charging Station, be creative and have fun

    2 - Can be built with inspiration from the past or future, must use OpenEVSE hardware with all standard safety features enabled. The only exception is countries/localities that require circuit level protection rendering the OpenEVSE feature redundant.

    3 - Charging Stations can be a past build, rebuild or a new build.

    4 - Enter by posting photos at the OpenEVSE forum or send via email to [email protected] . Photos may be used by OpenEVSE on the Store, Guides or other material.

    5 - Judging will be based on creativity, with bonus points for functionality (example working buttons, gauges, switches, LEDs, etc. Charging Stations deemed unsafe will be disqualified.

    6 -. External devices are permitted such as additional microprocessors, small computers, power supplies, displays...

    7 - You may use OpenEVSE firmware or noSpark firmware and remote communications.

    8 - Enter any time between now and August 1st.

    9 - Prize winner will receive a $500 credit or refund for parts purchased.

    10 - Anyone, Anywhere may enter unless prohibited by local laws.

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