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First ever message in the Inbox on my Tesla App

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Same here. Got the message this evening, although I already upgraded to V10 on October 2nd. BTW, this is the fourth message from Tesla in 12 months time. The others were about summer tyre swap, the ability to schedule an appointment via the App (which was already there for months) and a ‘welcome to the inbox’. Would have thought the inbox feature was used more often and more spot on. I would also like to be able to delete them, but I can’t.
Look on the bright side, at least you have a car to install the software one.
I got all excited when I saw an email from Tesla until I realised it was telling me to install the latest software on a car I don't have yet.

They really should have some flags in their database for car_delivered and current _software_version to avoid this.
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This evening (15 October) I received my first ever message in the Inbox on my Tesla App. It proudly announced Software Version 10.0 ... and advised me to connect to WiFi to download. The software was installed in my car on 30 September. You have to love a message facility like that!

Yes, I got that message too ... but unlike you I still haven't been given the opportunity to install it!