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First Production Issues - Model 3 vs. Model S vs. Model X

Haven’t seen any threads on this topic - if there are I apologize.

Obviously there have been some issues with the Model 3 since it’s started production, but overall are there fewer issues with the 3 than the S and X at the same stage?

Although my knowledge of all Teslas is derived from this forum and others, my perception is there have been less issues with the 3. This makes logical sense since this is their 4th car, and was designed to be simpler to build. The S was their first mainstream production car so of course there were issues, and the X was overly complex with the falcon wing doors and the back seats.

Curious to see what current S or X owners think. Thanks!
From all the internet traffic in SF area. Elon hired totally unfit production line workers, they filed complaints with workmans comp. They called the UAW. It is bad on the assembly line. Elon is sleeping in the factory. A human body has to be trained to work the line. If you havent been to a factory? Pls go. I have been to corvette factory 4 times. If you have fit and finish problems? That is the last QC by the door. Its his fault. If you have technical issues, its still QC, but in the line.
You have to remind yourself of the fact Tesla just started a factory to compete with the big boys. There are going to glitches. I have a S, that has been angel for me. I will get a 3 in 2020. So, if you have issues, remind yourself why. Report all issues to [email protected] , and call Fremont immediately so they are noted. I called about a sw problem, within 5 minutes it was level 3, and fixed.