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First Road Trip! - CPO P85

I just completed my first all electric road trip last weekend!! I still am a giddy little school girl driving this thing. I can't get over how awesome it is. My wife was visiting her friends in the quad cities (Moline) and I had to find a way to get there an back using the Model S. The general route down 88 is pretty much a black hole for chargers/super chargers. The closest one is Aurora, which is actually the opposite direction I was going. The distance to my destination was 145 miles. This was the first time I charged to 100%. I had a rated range of 266 miles, pretty good battery. I was able to find a B&B in Davenport, IA and they had a HPWC. They are the proud owners of a 2014 Model S 85. Tesla hooked them up with the HPWC and all Tesla owners are welcome to charge there. All you have to do is call ahead and see if it is available. They will even leave the garage open at the bottom, in case they are not home.

(Pam and Dennis)
Beiderbecke Inn
532 W 7th St, Davenport, IA 52803

This is a perfect supercharger replacement for traveling West on i-80. I am going to charge there again, once I plan a trip to West Des Moines, IA.

Couple of items I found interesting:

1. You are never going to get that max range driving like you used to (in your ICE). I found that a realistic estimate of mystery mileage loss from different conditions is around 20 - 25 miles. This would include going 72 or 73 mph, air con, stereo, the usual road trip stuff. I got to my destination with 91 miles left. So the 145 mile trip took 174 miles instead.

2. Roadtrips have taken on a whole new aspect of planning around finding chargers or superchargers.

3. Range anxiety exists, but planning will calm your fears :biggrin:

4. Road Trips are going to be difficult if you want to stray from the supercharger route. You will have to take into account any other travel around your regular trip route and make sure you can make it to the next destination

5. I stopped at the gas station for ICE, haha :tongue:

6. When opening the lift gate I noticed a white sticker that looks like the battery sticker, and it ends in B. I know my actual sticker on the battery ends in B (got on the ground an checked) so is this the same sticker?

7. Little kids love the frunk (my 6 month old on the left :smile: )

Here are some pics of the adventure. Overall I am more than satisfied with my car and it looks like by 2016 the IA West Supercharger route should be built!

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Great report, Clark! Glad to hear you & the family love the car. It's always fun read about adventures off the SC network. I'll inevitably have to rely on L2/L3 charging in 2016 travels to the hinterlands so I love to read stories like this.