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first time buyer to model s, please help

hi this mike from new zealand, i use to drive an audi s7, now ready to join the tesla family. I'm total new to tesla, please for you experience guys help me out with some first time buyer question.

the tesla i be buying is an 2016 tesla model s p90d , Japanese import, have done 60000 miles 96000 km, so it's an 5 years old car. my question is

1 how much battery life does it have left before i need replace battery, is an 60000 mile 5 years old tesla still worth buying? looking to keep at least another 5 to 6 years, will the battery last me that long.

2 before the purchase, which i be test drive the car next week, what inspection i need to do, like do i need take it to tesla to test the battery life. or is there an app i can use to check. for this model 2016 p90d, is there any know problem with this viechle?

3 how out dated is the 2016 p90d, it say all the program is updated, what about the hard ware difference, like suspention and battery. can some one tell the main drive difference with the 2021 new model and the older version? sorry my budget only allow me to buy the 2016 version .

4 it is fitted with insane mode, to upgrade to luda mode, it will be like an extra $20000 , which i can't spend now, how much slower is the insane mode compare to luda, i mean real world traffic light start time, not drag strap. i will mainly use this car for cruise, with some spirit driving. how is the handling is this car like, is there any after market sway bar or cheaper bolt on handling upgrade i can do to make it corner better. it come with 19 inch tyres.

5 and the real world charging and range , i be charging from an single phase power, just normal wall charger, and mix of spirit during and traffic, how many charge do i need to last a week. i plan to keep the audi s7 too, so this will be like a mix drive for me, maybe 300km per week, will this be enough on a single charge, tif i ever plan to track the car, will it like last me at least 20 laps or more?

i be make the purchase next week, hopely i can join the tesla ev family, please help me advice, much appreciated
I have driven a 2016 P90D Ludacris and I actually prefer it's suspension to the 2020 Raven Model S Performance which has the new air suspension. The P90D also had lower cabin/road/wind noise than the newer Model S performance. However, the battery degradation on the P90D was the worst of the bunch. It's the only thing I disliked about the P90D, and I still prefer it as a daily driver over the newer faster models because I place suspension and cabin noise as my number one priority when test driving. Can't help with the software related questions