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First Time Tesla Owner - Canada

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I got my invite to order my Model 3 and have started looking into it and starting to see things that I took for granted as standard on any car may not be in the Model 3 so looking for advice before I submit my order:

1. Model 3 does not come with Sirius XM - so what are my radio options - FM Radio and slacker? To confirm there really is not satellite radio in the Model 3?
2. Model 3 does not offer Android Auto - so there is no way outside of using your phone and Android Auto for Google Maps? What is the map like for Tesla - Google Maps has really good real time traffic so I can take 4-5 different routes to work any given day depending on traffic. With so few Teslas on the road, how does it source its real time traffic? Google Maps has saved me so much time each day as compared to when I did not have it in my 2010 Mercedes
3. 4G/LTE - is this included with the car and what are the subscription data plans and data amounts? For my Volt, in Canada we get hosed on data as On Star charges me $35/month for 4 GB whereas in the US is $20/month unlimited. Cell data is really expensive in Canada so how does data work in the Model 3.

I have become used to many of the perks in my Volt such Sirius XM, Android Auto w Google play music, etc. I was hoping to transfer most of this experience to the Model 3 but either I am confused and Tesla offers the same experience or there seems to be some things I was thinking was just a given lacking. Advice is appreciated
While I'm in the US I think can answer some of these.
1) No satellite radio. FM, bluetooth and streaming with slacker only.
2) I used to be a big Android auto user prior to my model 3. I haven't missed it. The biggest plus I never thought about before owning the car is that I no longer have to think about data usage on my cell phone to get the songs I want. I've just been thumbing music I like and dislike and the experience has been good. Traffic data seems fine. I'm not in an area where I use it much unfortunately.
3) It's free. This an underrated feature of the model3. Sign up for Twitter to see if that ever changes.

I was also worried about missing out on a few items I had in my old car. As of yet, I'm not missing any of them. This is my first Tesla, so it is likely I'm still in the honeymoon stage.
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Tesla nav uses Google maps.

Haven't missed not having Android Auto in my MS. I find myself enjoying the drive more this way.
For music, download your music to a USB drive (FAT32 formatted) or stream via bluetooth..
Thanks. I'm still torn with all my research. I'm all in with Google with Google phone, wifi, home devices, etc. Losing Android Auto I'm concerned about - mainly real time traffic on Google maps/waze has reduced my stress levels. There are not many tesla's where i live. Does tesla get real time traffic from Google or just from other Tesla drivers since if it is just other Tesla then in my area then I won't get real traffic.