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Fitment help on 22” Vossens

Hey everyone,

I am hoping someone here can help me with fitment of a staggered set of 22” Vossen VFS2 on a P85+. The fronts are 22x9 and tears are 22x10.5

The only fitment calculator I can find for these particulars wheels on a 2014 Model S (although not specified as a P85+ which I have), calls for a offset of 30 on the front and 38 on the rear, which my wheels are. However, I just received a call from Tesla SC saying they could not mount the wheels because they are rubbing, and I would need spacers. They made no mention of the size of spacer needed.

I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to this, and can really use a hand from someone experienced.

Thanks in advance.
Those tire sizes shouldn’t cause automatic rubbing. If anything, the rears could stand to go down to 285, but per other threads, people only got rubbing at full lock and while lowered with links/brackets.
So that leaves offsets. 30mm in front seems plenty, especially for the stock 245 width. The rears could def use spacers as even stock 21 turbines/Arachnids have 40mm offsets, but you’re running. 10.5” wheel as well.
All of this really isn’t much help without being able to see how/where they say the rubbing is. They make it sound like the car is sitting on the tires as they try to mount the wheels.
Did you buy this set new or used? If the latter, what car did they come off of? Can trust the offsets you were told/did you see the stamp on the wheels themselves?
Good luck!
I noticed on mine that they will appear to be rubbing until you load the suspension with the vehicle weight on the ground, then the wheels are pushed out from the suspension creating additional space. Just a FYI if they test fitted while still on the jack...