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FIXED in 2024.14.6!

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Our friends at Tesla finally fixed a Slacker bug that's been driving me crazy. However many months ago it was, the bug came along with an update (duh!). It would restart the tune streaming on Slacker when I got back in the car vs. pause and restart. With update 2024.14.6, it pauses and picks up where are it left, just like before. YAY!

And FWIW, I like the GUI tweaks. So far, I've only noticed the energy bar and turn signals have moved. I'm not sure what else has happened. I like it so far.

Now I 'm down to one significant rant: trigger an audio alert when the BMS sees traffic and turns the repeater camera red... you know, kinda like a normal car! LOL!

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So far, I've only noticed the energy bar and turn signals have moved.
Honestly not a fan of those changes; I liked the turn signals up high where they used to be. The energy bar would be ok if it was slid over just a few pixels off the edge of the screen--it's hard to see in "day mode" (but actually ok at night).

Really, I'm not a huge fan of most of the changes. The only good thing IMO is that the parking mode now works better--it now can tell better when I'm in a parking lot and activates as I'm pulling through a spot (whereas before it would only activate in reverse or when sitting in a line of traffic).
So far, with 2024.14.6, I've only encountered the issue where it won't resume music playback from USB once, effectively a whole week.

Prior to this update I was most consistently having to use the voice command to "switch USB" to get it to resume playback once per day. There were some updates where it went a little longer, but didn't feel like more than a couple of days, certainly not a whole week. Just before the update, I had a day or two where it occurred on every drive, which is a lot, since I do deliveries with my MYP. On my slowest day with 4 deliveries, that meant 8 times.

So I'll say, for now... it seems resuming music playback from USB is "fixed."