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Flat tyre

Tesla policy has been a bit variable and unclear on this, but flat tyres are treated differently from service visits.

If you go to the website now (under roadside assistance) it says

"Breakdown": Transportation services of up to 500 miles to the nearest Service Centre are provided

"Flat Tire": Flat tire services are provided for up to 50 miles.

"Lockout": A Roadside Professional will create a small opening between the door and car frame in order to manually open your door within 50 miles of your car's location.

In the past, for flat tyres this has meant 50 miles radius of a service centre: if you were within that radius, support was wonderful - they would come out to you with a loaner spare wheel, swap it, and you would drop back to the service centre at your convenience to get your wheel back. If you were over 50 miles from the service centre, you were mostly out of luck - in my case, a couple of years ago, they rang around and told me that a QuikFit 40 miles away had the right replacement tyre in stock, but left it to me to get there (in the event I put air back into the tyre, drove slowly to my nearest tyre place 5 miles away and got it patched).

Owners did complain that this service was a lottery and unsatisfactory; Tesla's initial response was that their roadside service doesn't cover everything and you should continue AA/RAC membership as for any other car, though there was a later promise to look into something more sensible.

In my view, towing to the nearest tyre shop within 50 miles max would be reasonable, but it isn't clear if that is what is actually now offered.

The above text for "Lockout" is absurd; I have no idea what they actually mean.