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Fleetcarma now available for model Y

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Any thoughts on this program? Is it worth participating?

Yes, huge fan of it. Used it on my Model 3 when I had it. My checks varied from 40-80 dollars a month depending on how much I drove.

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Love the program. Used it on the 3 and now on the Y. What's not to like? Get paid (rebated actually) for charging at home off-peak.
I am having problems installing it. The adapter appears to be too big...the blue plug on the right (when sitting in the rear seat) does not move to make room for the adapter. How did you install the adapter? Thanks
Please send pics. Also please note, the 21 model 3 plugs are different than 18-20. They may have sent you wrong adapter.

Circled blue plug is not moveable and arrow points to harness that has little play. My Model Y is a 2020.


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