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Folding mirror not under the original 4-year warranty coverage?

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Originally posted in New England section but seems the wrong place to post.

I bought a 2019 Model X 100D from a third party. The passenger side mirror is faulty. When it folds, it will hit the passenger door's upper chrome trim. Made an appointment with MA Peabody Service Center; they want to charge labor and parts in the south of 900 bucks.

Took it to a service advisor @ Peabody. He agreed with me that there is no evidence of external force applied or the mirror being tempted. He went as far as "the original owner should've taken care of it."

The root cause of it is really the base of the mirror was misaligned with the door trim. The mirror is folding correctly, but because of the misalignment of the mirror base, the mirror hits the trim. The base is solid, and the service advisor tried to "force" test the base, but it won't move a bit.

The service advisor told me that "I will go bat for you, but it is really up to the shop supervisor." I thanked him and left. The appointment is on 8/19. Tried to communicate through the app but got 0 replies.

Should the original 4-year factory warranty cover this? or is it just the MA Peabody service center playing power trip? I had a similar but much smaller issue in the past with my model S where MA Peabody wanted to charge me, but MA Watertown just took care of it without blinking an eye and without any charge.

I do plan to eat the charge and file a complaint with Attorney General's office afterward.

Any thoughts?
Here are 2 pictures of the "problematic" mirror base