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Fondmetal 7400 Wheels

Just came across a find that the cast wheels on the Roadster are Fondmetal 7400 wheels. Posting for a reference to others who didn't know this like myself.

Now if we can only find who makes the forged 2.5 Roadster Sport wheels! Possibly they were manufactured in a limited run for Tesla, but that's what I thought the cast wheels were. But as we just found out, they were all mass produced.

Also it looks like TEG & others knew about this earlier on:
5 spoke wheels.

Light alloy wheel FONDMETAL 7400 FONDMETAL — 7400 | Laneks

Fondmetal 7400 - Google Search

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I remember Martin Eberhard telling me (when I first saw the Roadster before its release) that since the wheels were all individually machined it did not cost any extra to have the spokes tilted in opposite directions on the two sides.
Interesting. It appears the Tesla cast wheels still have a tilt, but I do notice now that you pointed that out the the angle is possibly not as aggressive (if there is any change)? Its really subtle if so, also its difficult to compare the difference due to a difference in the image scale & camera angle. Were you referring to the forged wheels about the tilt? When you mentioned the word "machined" I take that as that you were referring to the forged wheels since those are machined from aluminum where the cast refers to pouring liquid metal into a form and then cooled. Unless the machined part means the final finishing step.

Tesla Accessories and Charging Adapters Cast Aluminum Wheel Set

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