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Footwell lighting in SR+

Hey guys sign this petition. I’m not trying to be cheap but when I bought my car I was under the impression that the footwell lights worked and the rear seat heaters were included. Ok the seat heaters were mentioned on the website, that was my bad, but the footwell lights weren’t. Sign this petition to get Elon musk to turn them back on
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I’d like it if they offered these software limited options as al a carte buys. Some might pay $1500 for heated seats in the back. Some might pay $200 for the footlights. Especially those options that no one will say ‘ya I have to get the awd because it has footlights’. The hardware is there at build. Just like FSD you can add afterwards. It just seems to me that they’re leaving a lot of money on the table.
Yes. I attached pictures. Also the door pockets worked


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