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Footwell lighting issue

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I did a search on "footwell lighting" to see if others had this issue. I found a lot of people seem to want the lights to be on while driving. Well, this evening my car had the footwell lighting turn on while driving, and I am pretty sure it was not any kind of update allowing it. Both the driver and passenger front side are on when driving, and they remained on when the car shut down and locked. When I turn my left blinker on, both lights blink. When I turn the right blinker on, the light stays solid. When the brake lights are on, the footwell lights turn off.

I already have an upcoming service appointment scheduled for mid-Oct and will now be adding this to the items to have checked, but wasn't sure if anyone else had their car do something similar already. I did various tests when I got home, headlights on/off, in reverse/drive/park, checked all blinkers to make sure it wasn't an indication that a light was not functioning. I'm not seeing anything with any of the exterior lights. Sylvia crossed 200,000 miles yesterday and I'm hoping this isn't a sign that I'm going to start having issues.
The lights turned off on their own on the 22nd and hadn't come back on while driving until tonight. I was more than halfway into my drive home from work when I noticed they were on again. Both the 21st and today the weather had been rainy in the morning. Not sure if that indicates there is water getting in somewhere that it shouldn't be, but it is still on the list for service to check in a couple weeks.
I had lighting on the list in October, but I hadn't typed out about the issue, and forgot to mention it to the Service Center that day. I did however list it at the end of December when I took Sylvia in for new taillights. They were able to find the problem and solution. It seems there was some water intrusion around the windshield which had damaged a wiring harness and required replacement. I've had a loaner 2016 Model X for the last few weeks and while it is a very nice vehicle, I can't wait to get my car back. They sent me a message this afternoon that she'll be ready Monday morning for pick-up and I'll be able to provide more details of the repairs.
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