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For Sale 2013 CPO Model S 60 Silver, 80k miles

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Sadly I'm selling my vehicle in preparation for the CA HOV update. As you can see below, my goal was to keep the car in great shape and by the time the warranty expired I would have a car free of all known defects. It's my daily commuter so each week this is on here, it'll be getting 250 more miles.

Located in Buena Park.
I'm testing the waters looking for $37k. Contact me by email [email protected] or message here.

2013 CPO with lifetime super charging (Purchased June 2016 with 52,005 miles)
80,000 miles
60 Kwh
Silver Metallic Paint
Matte Obeche Wood Décor
Tan Leather
Tech Package
Pano Roof
Sound Studio
Smart AIR Suspension
White Sticker Already on the Vehicle (just transfer after purchase)
I haven't charged 100% in a while but 80% is 177-179 miles range and 100% was roughly 205 miles (going on memory).
Custom fit floor mats
Tinted windows and rear windshield

CPO Warranty until 100k miles or June 2020.
Prepaid Service for 2 more services 90k miles and 100k miles.

Tesla Warranty Replacements:
Sun Roof seals Jan 2017
Three Door handles Jan 2017
One Door handle Dec 2016
2nd Row Seat Belts Replaced Dec 2016
Rear Drive Unit Oct 2016 (about 15k miles since then)
A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Dummy Plug Assembly Jun 2016
New Front Bumper During CPO Delivery

1IMG_1460.JPG 1IMG_1463.JPG 1IMG_1465.JPG 1IMG_1467.JPG 1IMG_1469.JPG 1IMG_1472.JPG 1IMG_5723.jpg 1IMG_5729.JPG 1IMG_5730.JPG 1IMG_5731.JPG
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Reactions: Amit519
Very good ad. Can you provide VIN? Also something off with your battery mileage estimate... are you sure that's not your 90% charge estimate? Backcalculating 178 miles @ 80% yields 223 miles @ 100%.

Updates: Mileage is 80.5k now. I just checked.
Forgot to mention this includes the portable tesla charger and the J1772 charger adapter. (Those are roughly worth $375 together).
To clarify, I charge to the end of the daily section of the battery picture, 177 is what I see almost every morning. I assumed that was 80%. For 100% I guess my memory is pretty off.
Mon or Tues I’ll charge to 100% at work and see what it reads.

Any other questions I have no problem answering.