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For Sale: 2018 Model 3 - MSM, Black Premium, AWD, FSD, Premium Connectivity

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Getting ready to take delivery of a seven seat Y, so regrettably time to sell our much loved, 2018 3. 2018 AWD (9/2018 delivery in Highland Park, IL, 066475 VIN), MSM, Black Premium Interior, HW3, FSD, Premium Connectivity (not sure whether that transfers?). All-weather mats throughout. Also includes Model 3 Roof Rack.

Has a few, small blemishes (most noticeably right rear fender and door from kid bike/scooter collisions in our garage), and one unexplained dent on the right spoiler edge of the trunk. No accidents or fender benders. 26,262 miles. Original tires (rotated regularly). No service issues other than a (complimentary) charge port door replacement after my elder son cracked it with an errant basketball. Only touchless car washes (hand washed by me in the summer). Has been supercharged rarely, with most of those instances being on super fun, pre-COVID road trips with my kiddos to Southern CA ('Postscript - 2,000 Mile (and Back) Road Trip with Two Kids'
Postscript - 2,000 Mile (and Back) Road Trip with Two Kids)
and the CO Rockies.

Looking to sell for enough to make it worth my while NOT to trade to Tesla (Tesla offer plus trade in tax credit gets me to $40K, so “worth my while” would be $42-43K). Market is a little challenging to read, so though I’d try to sell private party before I trade it.

Happy to answer any questions.


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