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For Sale: Rear Facing Seats - 3rd Row - Model S - $1k - SOLD

DJ Frustration

Former Model X Sig, Model S, Model 3, Model Y
Jun 19, 2012
Miami, Florida
For Sale: Rear Facing Seats - 3rd Row - Model S - $1k

Price: $1,000
Shipping to US only: +$100

We sold our Model S in May and thought we'd order a replacement Model S, but decided to wait for our X Signature to arrive. Before our sale, we removed the rear facing seats with the intention of retrofitting them into our replacement Model S. Since that's not happening, I'm listing them for sale here.

Price is reduced as the result of discovering 4 blemishes in the leather probably done by my kids. Pictures are attached. The seats worked perfectly fine. For what it's worth, my 7 and 4 y.o. kids LOVED riding in the rear! This is now a $3,000 dollar option if purchased new. You do the math on how much you're saving by purchasing these seats used ;)

IMPORTANT: The seats come with two Barrel Nuts (P/N M10 2006869-00-A) that are required parts for the retrofit. ALSO, you should check with your local Service Center before purchasing to confirm whether your Model S can be retrofitted. Our Model S had a low VIN (below 6,000) and the retrofit was only about $850, IIRC. I've also heard that new cars as of Spring 2015 can have the rear facing seats retrofitted without the installation of the rear cross member. Again, check with your Service Center BEFORE purchasing.

PM me with questions or contact me at 305-523-9495. I've sold on Craigslist and eBay for years and can spot a scam from a mile away. Don't waste my time, please ;)

List Date: 10/19/2015

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