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For Sale (Reluctant Feeler Post) - 2010 Roadster 2.0 - VIN 523


2008 VP & 2011 2.5 Sport
Feb 5, 2014
Dallas, TX
****First and foremost, I realize this is not in the "For Sale" section. However...as we all know - it's predominantly run by Model S, X, and now 3 cars & parts. I feel that Roadster sales and parts are already so limited that it's acceptable to place it here. Thank you for your understanding.****

I should start by stating that this hurts to even think about...but sometimes we're meant to make the responsible decision in life. At least I think so. As most of you know, my dream has always been an Electric Blue Roadster, and over a year ago, I finally found one and gradually made it my exact dream car. I've had absolutely zero issues, and the car has been a dream to not just own, but to share with many, many others. She turns heads everywhere she goes, puts an electric smile on everyone's face that I've taken for rides, and captivates close friends that I've let drive her.

However...as it nears a healthy turning point in my life, I'm realizing that selling her would bolster a down payment on a house.
But before you get upset - no, I will not be giving up driving a Roadster. Heck no. Luckily, my close friend who mostly keeps his Roadster 1.5 in storage, has offered to let me drive it for the coming months, should I sell 523. It's the same car that I've regularly looked after while it's been in storage, so it works out perfectly. Without his generosity and understanding of my obsession, I would not be considering this.

So here is a (reluctant) opportunity to own a personally-owned, personally cared-for, three-owner Roadster 2.0 with full service records and full upgrade records. This car has been lovingly cared for by its previous owners, obsessively cared for by myself, and has had every single annual service done by Tesla since its birth. I have in my possession and will share all PDF files of every service performed since 2009 for full transparency.

This vehicle remained in San Francisco - not too far from where it was born - with its first two owners before I stole it from California and brought it to Dallas.

I am reluctantly seeking a caring owner to pass on this dream of a Roadster to. As I’m not 100% sure I’m ready to let her go just yet, I’d be happy to entertain any and all offers. I do have an number in mind, given its condition and thousands in upgrades I've poured into it. I have a preferred shipping company and would be happy to carefully send it anywhere at your personal expense.

As you can see below, the paint, interior, wheels, are all in essentially flawless condition. I consistently confuse people when I tell them she was built in mid-2009.

The MSRP was $120,650 + over $9,000 of upgrades I've added.


VIN 523:

    • VIN 5YJRE1A10A000523
    • 2010 2.0 Base
    • Electric Blue Premium Paint
    • Black Forged Wheels
    • Carbon Fiber Hard Top
    • Solar Guard Windshield
    • Paint Armor
    • Xenon Headlamp Retrofit
    • NEW 240V Universal Mobile Connector Included (Recently replaced - $1,500)
+ Xenon Headlamp Retrofit - $2900+ (Tesla Installed 06/24/16)

+ Wheels Powdercoated Gloss Black (Finished 03/22/17)

+ Custom Black / Electric Blue Rally Interior / Blue Stitching (Installed 03/28/17)

+ Matching Black / Electric Blue Door Panels (Installed 03/28/17)

+ Jet Black Hard Top - previous Electric Blue hard top had small chips in the corners. It was professionally repaired, and then wrapped in a factory Jet Black to preserve the condition. (Finished 11/28/17)

+ Jet Black Hood Louvers, Rear Spoiler, Front Lip, Rear Diffuser, Side Mirrors, and Windshield Surround (Finished 11/28/17)

+ 4 Upgraded JL Audio Speakers

The following is slated to be installed / picked up in the next week or less:
+ NEW Hard Top Mounting Hardware ($300 from Tesla)
+ (2) Rear Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

I also have a Massive Audio 6.5" Subwoofer in a custom enclosure & carpeting to match the Roadster's. It was designed by me to allow for legroom in the passenger footwell, while also providing the highest quality of low-end in a subwoofer possible. It contains an amplifier in the enclosure and is prewired for easily installing in any Roadster or Lotus Elise - all while staying within the normal workloads of the 12V battery. It will work in ANY Roadster. I planned on keeping this to drop into my friend's Roadster while I used it, but I'd consider including it for the right price, as it was rather expensive to develop and install.

****CarFax Three-Owner, No Accidents, Clean Title in Hand
****Brake Fluid, Coolant, & Transmission Fluid Replaced 06/01/16
****12V Battery Replaced 01/06/17
****8 Year Annual Service Performed 08/11/17
****FULL Tesla Service History via PDFs available…dating back to late 2009
Current Mileage - 39,874 Miles
Current Battery CAC - 138.34
Current Ideal Miles (Standard) - 164-168 Miles
Current Ideal Miles (Range) - 216-220 Miles

IMG_1279 copy.jpg

IMG_1289 copy.jpg

IMG_1277 copy.jpg

IMG_1278 copy.jpg



IMG_1285 copy.jpg

IMG_0302 copy.jpg

IMG_0309 copy.jpg

A couple of solid views of the hard top for you all...

Please feel free to comment or private message for any and ALL questions. I have hundreds of photos and am happy to take more. I am also planning on having Tesla perform an inspection when I bring her in to have the new rear tires installed, and will be happy to provide those service records as well.

Again, I have a number in mind I'd like to receive for this exceptionally cared-for Roadster 2.0. Please message me with any offers or concerns.

Thank you all for looking!
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Is this your third or fourth roadster your flipping?

Flipping? Not sure where you’d get that accusation from, but if you must know, I “lost” $5,950 when selling my last Roadster. A good chunk of that was due to the failed 400V controller upon delivery.

Also...in 18 months, I’m likely going to repurchase that car again for market value and hold onto her. Can’t wait. :D
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Flipping is not a crime so my observation is not an accusation. I do find it amusing to read your explanations for selling each time. It’s ok to trade cars just like stock. Not all trades can be profitable

Flipping usually implies that the purpose of buying a car in the first place is to turn around and sell for a profit.

For the two Roadsters I’ve owned before this one (over the past 3+ years), I’ve sold due to people approaching me and asking if I’d ever sell the car. That’s why I put 1213 on TMC and Shift in 2015, and why I sold 1438. As I’m far from selfish, I’d much rather share a Roadster with a family than let it sit in my garage while I tour the world for six months out of the year. Not sure what’s “amusing” about honesty, but to each their own.
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