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For Sale - Tesla Universal Mobile Connector UMC Charger Gen 1

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$425 Shipped to US

This is a Tesla high output 50 amp chargers for Model S / X / 3. Tesla's new Gen 2 charger only has a max output of 32 amps.

Unit is about 2 years old. Excellent condition; no issues. Includes the 2 adapters.

1 x mobile connector main unit (with 20 ft cable)
1 x NEMA 14-50 adapter (high output outlet, 240v / 50 amp) - Level 2
1 x NEMA 5-15 adapter (standard house outlet, 120v / 15a) - Level 1


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Price drop to $400 shipped.

Also, the charger still has about 20 month on the warranty but technically that warranty stays with the car. If you had a issue down the road, you could send it back to me and I should be able to take it to Tesla for you for repair.