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Wiki For those who have placed an order for a new 3.0 battery

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Aug 14, 2012
Updated 3.0 Battery Order List

Here is the up to date list:

Member NameLocationOrder DateCar VersionCACDate INDate COMPLETED
ecarfanSan Mateo CA2015-09-011.5135.97

Sparrow Marietta GA 2015-09-011.5

bifff67 Fairfax VA 2015-09-01 2.5 Sport 181 mi2016-10-062016-10-18
Spaceballs Bellevue-Seattle WA2015-09-012.0 Sport

ggr San Diego CA 2015-09-01 2.0

adrianco Los Gatos CA 2015-09-01 2.0 144.94

felixtb Lausanne SUI 2015-09-02 2.5s

IBCS Englewood, OH 2015-09-09 2.5 140.472016-11-292016-12-06
Bolosky Seattle 2015-09-11 2.0 133.432016-10-062016-10-11
cswolfe Southern CA 2015-09-272.0 182 mi.

bobinfla Tampa FL 2015-10-261.5

slcasnerSunnyvale CA2015-10-271.5141.912016-08-02

[/TD] [TD]2016-08-12
[TR][TD]DaveD[/TD][TD]Bellevue-Seattle WA[/TD][TD]2015-10-28[/TD][TD]1.5[/TD][TD]123.29[/TD][TD]2016-08-01
[/TD][/TR][TR][TD]Curt[/TD][TD]Rockville, MD[/TD][TD]2015-11-03[/TD][TD]1.5[/TD][TD]134.40[/TD][TD]2017-02-24
[/TD][/TR][TR][TD]jaanton[/TD][TD]Piedmont, CA[/TD][TD]2016-02-16[/TD][TD]2.5[/TD][TD]143.71[/TD][TD]2017-02-06

[TD][TD] (to add a new row, copy and paste last row in table, then replace text between the angle brackets)

* Note: On 26 October 2015, Tesla announced that 1.5 Roadsters can be upgraded to the 3.0 battery![/td][/td]
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While there is more than one thread about the Roadster 3.0 upgrade, I'm starting this thread with the intent of showing, in a single list, who has placed an order for a 3.0 battery, their location (if they wish to show that), when they placed the order, when their car went to a service center for installation, and how many days it took. It will be an easy way to track orders and wait and installation times.

Anyone who wishes to participate, please post your information and I will incorporate it into this list. Note that dates shown are in the ISO standard European format (YYY-MM-DD). I have started the list with information based on those TMC members who have posted publicly so far.

NOTE: for general discussion about the 3.0 upgrade please post in the existing 3.0 upgrade thread or the "Will you buy it? thread. This thread is for those who have placed an order for a new 3.0 battery. Thank you for your cooperation.

Member Name / Location / Order Date / Date Car Went In / # of Days for Install

bifff67 / Fairfax VA / 2015-09-01 / / /
ecarfan / San Mateo CA / 2015-09-02 / / /
Spaceballs / Bellevue-Seattle WA /2015-09-02 / / /
ggr / San Diego CA / 2015-09-02 / / /
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They accepted your order outside US? That's good to know.. I'm curious about the final cost in € / CHF.

Tesla have started calling roadster owners in Hong Kong regarding this. Price here is reportedly HK$247,000 (about US$31,666 at fixed peg rate of 7.8). Everyone I know of has turned it down here. Our batteries seem to be holding up fine (I'm down about 7% capacity in 4 1/2 years of ownership), and the limited range you can drive in Hong Kong makes a 300+mile battery of little benefit. I'll let you know if I hear of any Hong Kong orders.