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Found out how much energy you gain by driving down a mountain road

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Mt Evans in Colorado is the highest Paved Road in North America at 14,130 feet and gives back 18 miles coming down..
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About 30 times a year I go to a local ski resort that is 65 miles away, up hill all the way. The round trip generally uses 60% of my battery capacity, where I start out at 90% and return home at 30%. This is how the energy is consumed:
  • Going to the resort I use 50%
  • For the first 25 miles on the way back I have gained back 10%
  • At the next 10 miles I am back to the 60% I started the return trip with (having traveled 35 miles returning)
  • I use an additional 10% for the last 30 miles for the total round trip loss of 60%
Only light regen braking is required unless traffic in front of me requires me to slow down more than the road dictates.