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French Supercharger Network - how good is it?

Hi everyone

Sorry to write this in English, I have provided a google translated version of my question below, which may not be a completely accurate translation, but is hopefully helpful.

This summer I am planning my first European road trip, driving from London to Bourg-Saint-Maurice for a cycling holiday. I have never driven my Tesla in France before and am trying to understand how busy the Superchargers are likely to be (first week in July). Can anyone share their experiences of the supercharger network in France?
  • How busy are they?
  • Do you need to wait for a charger every often, or are they usually spare chargers when you arrive?
  • Will the Superchargers be especially busy on the first weekend of French school holidays (I travel home on the 8th July)?
Thank you for your help


Salut tout le monde

  • Désolé d'écrire ceci en anglais, j'ai fourni une version traduite par Google de ma question ci-dessous, qui n'est peut-être pas une traduction tout à fait exacte, mais qui, espérons-le, sera utile.

    Cet été, je prévois mon premier road trip européen, en conduisant de Londres à Bourg-Saint-Maurice pour des vacances à vélo. Je n'ai jamais conduit ma Tesla en France auparavant et j'essaie de comprendre à quel point les Superchargeurs sont susceptibles d'être occupés (première semaine de juillet). Quelqu'un peut-il partager son expérience du réseau de superchargeurs en France ?

    À quel point sont-ils occupés?
    Avez-vous besoin d'attendre un chargeur de temps en temps, ou s'agit-il généralement de chargeurs de rechange à votre arrivée?
    Les Superchargeurs seront-ils particulièrement occupés le premier week-end des vacances scolaires françaises (je rentre chez moi le 8 juillet)?

Merci de votre aide
Welcome to France ! I routinely travel from Paris to Geneva and in 4 years I have only waited once (15 minutes in Auxerre). And this is an old SC with only 8 stalls. The network has improve tremendously with 16/20/24 stalls stations so you should be fine. Even in July, this should not be a big issue and I do not believe you will have to wait at any of the locations. As always, just do a bit of planning ahead (ABRP and the like) to optimise your route.

Lots of other options as well (Unity, Fastnet coming online). I personally only use the SC network.

Enjoy your upcoming holidays.
And I can share my experiences as a Dutchie often driving in France in the busy holiday periods since 2019: only 5 minutes waiting time in Le Mans in all those years. The network is expanding rapidly, just as the number of Tesla’s on the road. In the past I didn’t do any preparations for a road trip, nowadays I check the chargers, V2 or V3 (no sharing, way faster).

Have fun with cycling those beautiful French Alps.
- How busy are they and do you need to wait for a charger every often, or are they usually spare chargers when you arrive?

I recently did a 1 200 km road trip (Paris-Nürburgring- Paris) in the holiday period of December and only used the Tesla SC network. Never had to wait anywhere but did see 1 person waiting (for 5-7 mins) at the Aartselaar SC in Belgium. In France the ones that I find the most busy are often in the Parisian region (Parly 2 et Vélizy) and even there I’ve always found a place.

- Will the Superchargers be especially busy on the first weekend of French school holidays (I travel home on the 8th July)?

Pretty sure that they will be but I am also sure that you’ll always find a free spot. Like others have said, the SC network has expanded quickly and even though now they’re open to non-Tesla cars, I’ve yet to wait at a supercharger. The onboard navigation also takes into account the availability at a supercharger before making stop recommendations and updates it on the fly while you’re driving & based on real-time occupation at different SCs on your route..So don’t worry, just tell your Tesla where you wanna go and it’ll take care of the rest.
Have an enjoyable & stress free holidays 😉
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Hi all,

I have just returned back from the trip (the one I asked about in the original post) and I can confirm it was super easy. It was very hot, and I had a fully loaded car with bikes on the roof, so my efficiency was very poor, but even with this, there were loads of chargers, and the road trip was really easy.

Thanks for giving me the confidence to give it a go!