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Front 2 sensors don't engage all the time when driving

Wanted to see if anyone else has seen this behavior on their MS.

When driving at normal speeds, looking down at my screen, I've noticed that the front two corner sensors don't engage (i.e. the little detection cones don't come on, on the vehicle avatar for front two corner sensors).

This behavior is the same during normal driving and also Autopilot (AP1).

The rear ones come on (i.e. their detection cones are displayed on car avatar) all the time when there's a vehicle driving past or when I'm crossing a car.

The front sensors do appear to be working, however. As they do work (and their detection cones do show up on the vehicle avatar) when parking or driving around slowly in a parking lot.

Is this as-designed? Or should I get it checked out?
I’ve noticed that too and it occurred to me perhaps it’s alerting you to things in your blind spot and what you can see it doesn’t need to let you know about, but that’s a wild ass thought that popped into my mind, not any particular knowledge. Other times the front ones do alert. Speed and proximity seem to matter.
I have noticed it too... it started after the latest update ... it does not appear to detect though I had to take over auto pilot controls as the car dido not seen to notice another car cutting into the driving lane ... It used to display such readings in past, as far as best as I can recall ... gonna be more cautious from now on