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Front Bumper Sensor Damage by a Rock Chip Park Assist Unavailable/Disabled

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This morning I noticed the following message in my 2017 Model S. “Park Assist Disabled” and then sometimes changes to “Park Assist Unavailable”. I called the SC, they said they would look into it and get back to me. After a few hours I didn’t hear back from them, so I looked over all my front sensors closely and noticed a small dent on one of them (photos attached). I emailed the service center the photos and they responded promptly telling me to schedule an appointment with a Tesla certified body shop to have the sensor replaced and that should solve the issue. The work will not be under warranty as it was external damage, I was told. I was curious if any one else has experienced this, what I should expect the cost to be around and whether a car insurance claim can be made, similar for windshield damage as this is a safety mechanism now not working. I am no longer able to summon the car, I do not get the distances in inches shown on my screen when getting close to other objects and there are no more chime warnings.
Thank you all!


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